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Therapeutic Counselling


I am Trudy Darien and I have spent over 20 years working in the care profession with looked after Children and Young People.

At Direct Care all young people are offered weekly in-house therapy. This is an opportunity for the Young Person to explore any unresolved issues. The advantage for this method is that for those young people who have difficulties with attending or engaging with formal therapies, I am able to meet the Young Person in their environment on their terms. Each Young Person has an allocated time on a fortnightly basis; this can be increased or decreased depending on the assessed needs. The allocated Keyworkers are supported to understand therapeutic communications. Additionally I work directly with young people who have complex attachment histories particularly those who have no formal diagnoses or those who act out or opt out of formal structures.

I initially trained and worked as a Youth and Community Officer, working in a variety of positions from centre based work to street based work, primarily with young people at risk. During this time I completed my Master’s Degree in Therapeutic Childcare at Reading University and consolidated my specialist therapeutic approach.

During my time working in a Therapeutic Community I left to manage a number of Local Authorities and privately run Children’s Homes and became alarmed at the lack of training and qualifications required to work with such troubled young people. Instead of leaving the care system having redressed the reasons they came into care, they were more likely to become disaffected and re-enact negative cycles, perpetuating the cycle of dependency rather than independence and integration.

I am passionate in my belief that all looked after Young People need therapeutic intervention.

More about CSE Sexually Harmful Behaviour

At Direct Care Ltd we are constantly looking for what we can do to improve our service and ultimately, the lives of young people in our care. This has led to us looking at specialising in one of our homes in particular South View.

What we are planning is for South View to be able to deliver a comprehensive CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) package which allows us to carry out work with the young people, as well as working alongside other agencies in order to help reduce the risk and ensure the welfare of the young people involved in this kind of behaviour is improved.

The CSE package we are looking at delivering involves assessment, direct CSE work, not only by external or our internal therapists, but also by our Care Staff, who will be suitably trained in identifying when a young person is either displaying, or continuing to display CSE behaviours, and how to address, as well as recovery work, so that the young people can hopefully be ‘re-habilitated’ back to an environment they feel safer to manage in.