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Our Homes - Southview

Statement of Purpose - DownloadSouthview one of our newest home and underwent a huge makeover, from the ground up. It has the look and feel of a new home with original features intact such as barns and coups for small animals which we feel the Young People will benefit from looking after.

Southview is an all-female placement, looking at providing care for four girls with sexualised behaviour, and who are sexually at risk.

The Young People residing at Southview benefit  from the  responsibility of helping with feeding and welfare of Southview’s horse and chickens. This also brings a calm and relaxed feel to the home in its rural location.

Southview's team have identified training surrounding sexualised behaviour and working with sexually at risk female Young People, which we feel coupled with the home's therapeutic environment, will help address the behaviours and allow the Young People to express themselves in a safe and age appropriate manner.

The staff at Southview always make sure the Young People have fun, whether it be a relaxing spa day or a Glamping in the Lake District.

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