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Our Homes

Direct Care has seven residential homes, situated in Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk, which are registered to care for up to four young people. The homes are tailored to meet the extensive needs of young people and help maximise their potential. In turn their compact size and high staff ratios allow us to give the best quality and intensity of care. Each home is inspected on a monthly basis by the management to ensure they are running smoothly and any problems are immediately addressed and resolved.

All Direct Care homes have their own personality which is centred on a therapeutic model of care and allows us to cater for the diverse range of needs presented by the young people. Run by a manager and nine staff, they have been designed to create a caring, nurturing and stimulating environment in which a young person can learn and develop. Direct Care understands that the environment is key to achieving success with the young people and strives to ensure it is positive and conducive to healing.

At Direct Care we believe our homes achieve the perfect balance between the creation of a family style home and the provision of extensive care and education which allows our children to thrive and achieve positive outcomes.

Lower Lodge Beacon Farmhouse
Angels Meadow The Spinney