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Pear Tree Cottage

Pear Tree Cottage is situated in a village in Lincolnshire and has access to Direct Care’s own school which is fifteen miles away.

Pear Tree Cottage focuses on creating a family home which delivers a holistic approach to providing positive outcomes in a safe, caring, nurturing environment to support five young people with emotional and behavioural disorders, child sexual exploitation and mild to moderate learning disabilities. The team hold strong boundaries to help with consistency and focus on the positive rather than the negative, and restorative work is implemented rather than financial consequences.  As a team we have a strong belief that encouraging young people to follow their strengths for example singing, dancing, art, sports etc. to build their self-esteem and self-worth, which can help them deal with past trauma, and helps enable them to look more positively into their future. We also arrange activities including Army cadets, youth clubs, swimming, ice skating, bowling, cinema, shopping, basketball, indoor sky diving and meals out.

The staff team, new and existing, are trained in managing behaviours and working within the guidelines and boundaries agreed, alongside all other mandatory training required to meet the young people’s needs.

What we offer:

  • 24 hour support
  • A nurturing and caring environment
  • A personalised education package specific to the individual’s needs, within the standard curriculum
  • Helping the young person to develop an understanding of making informed choices about positive risk taking to prepare for independence
  • Consistent and continuous care team and a manager with 29 years’ experience in care and 11 years’ experience of managing children’s homes
  • An independent psychologist who can work  on a 1:1 basis with young people and also carry out group work with staff to ensure delivery of good care for the young person’s individual needs


A young person came to us from a gang and drug culture where she was refusing to attend education. She then went on to complete her functioning skills at the company’s education provision, moved back to London and studied health and social care full-time at college, as she now wants to be a youth worker

A young person was trafficked into the country with very little understanding of English. We supported her through this time, helped her with the language and provided in-house tutoring.  We also supported her through the necessary police interviews. The young person then went on to leave us with independence skills in place, having completed her functioning skills.  She is now in college doing health and social care and moving to live independently

Another young person who was extremely vulnerable to child sexual exploitation, left us with a greater understanding of keeping herself safe and is doing so well that she has moved back to London in an independent placement

A big achievement for the team at Pear Tree Cottage is having high risk young people known to frequently go missing who we then support so that they feel settled to a stage that they do not want to go missing any more

What our young people have said:

‘Coming here was the best thing that happened to me, they have helped me through the most difficult time of my life and seem to really care for me. They will always be in my life.’ - Child A

‘Yeah I will really miss you guys.’ - Child B

‘I now see some of the staff as my family as they have been with me for so long, and stood by me when I was at my lowest.’ - Child C

If you are making a referral and would like further information about Pear Tree Cottage, please let us know, using the contact details on our website.

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