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Our Homes - Lower Lodge

Belview Lodge is a home, not an institution

Our purpose is to provide a high quality standard of care and accommodation for 4 young people of either gender who are 'Looked After' by Local Authorities, and require accommodation for the period of time they have to live away from their families or other primary care giver. The home is registered to accommodate young people aged between 10-18 years old. The age of children will be considered on an individual case basis as part of the matching process and a detailed impact risk assessment carried out, taking in to account the current residents and the dynamics with which they present. We are a semi-rural property situated in Northamptonshire; all amenities are easily accessible including educational and leisure settings.

Cooking at Lower Lodge

In-house activities that involve everyone include cooking, watching films together, board games, arts and crafts, pamper nights and themed nights

Lower Lodge Cottage delivers an holistic approach to providing positive outcomes for young people, in particular those who display challenging behaviour, or those who may have been subject to abuse, such as emotional and physical abuse, neglect or those who are deemed to be vulnerable and at risk of exploitation. This is inclusive of behaviours associated with child sexual exploitation.

 We are passionate about the level of care we provide to our young people and this is reflected in the positive outcomes they achieve. The staff are dedicated to ensuring the young people residing with us find it an enjoyable experience.  Many of the young people look back at their time with us and say it was a great help to them, often keeping in touch with us long after they have moved on.

We believe that our young people should be given the same opportunities as young people who are not in the care system. We provide a good daily regime that is based around the young person’s educational needs and can offer many different resources locally to ensure they have the opportunity to gain the necessary qualifications to which they aspire. We can access specialist third party services to support the young people including CAMHS, in-house therapy, substance and alcohol misuse agencies, sexual health services, careers advice and independent advocates and guardians that may be of some help to the young people in all areas of their development. With a good structure to their day we can then provide a host of activities that are age appropriate and fun and which they can experience with staff. Of late such activities include bowling, cinema, gym, fishing, horse riding, police cadets and rugby. Days out to theme parks, the zoo and the seaside are also planned. In-house activities that involve everyone include cooking, watching films together, board games, arts and crafts, pamper nights and themed nights. Each young person contributes towards the weekly menu in a weekly residents meeting.  The meeting is held to encourage everyone to discuss what is happening within their home that may affect them and it is where they can express their opinions. It is important that the voice of the young person is listened to and that they get an appropriate response within a realistic time period.

The company puts away holiday savings for each young person and they are all encouraged to look into the holidays they would like. Dependent on the individual’s risk assessment we can accommodate most requests. With young person A we liaised with her social worker, senior management and her mum to get consent for her to go abroad. A risk assessment was completed and boundaries and expectations were agreed with the young person beforehand. A staff member then went with the young person for a week in Majorca.  She kept within the boundaries, she had a great time and hopefully it was one that she will always remember. This was near the end of her time with us after nearly 2 years at Lower Lodge Cottage and she had made some great progress.

'This house has helped me and prepared me for my future.'

'Although I didn’t want to be here, it’s OK and the staff look after me.'

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