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Our Homes - Belview Lodge, our Residential School

Belview Lodge is a home, not an institution

Statement of Purpose - DownloadBelview Lodge is the largest of our homes and is situated on a two acre site in a leafy avenue in Wellingborough. Belview Lodge is also registered with the Department of Education as a school. The School is staffed by specialist teachers who deliver a full educational timetable to four young people in the home. Whilst the classroom is a dedicated space the home and school work in close partnership to raise the educational achievement of our young people. The atmosphere created by the staff is warm, friendly and welcoming and the house overall feels like a home. Belview’s personality is centred on a therapeutic approach to care. Great emphasis is placed on learning, budgeting and life skills and the young people are encouraged to grow home produce.

Routine is an important aspect of daily life and the young people can earn additional rewards by completing certain tasks such as tidying their bedroom and getting up for education.

As with all the Direct Care homes the staff at Belview Lodge have achieved a balance between professionalism and friendliness that has proved so effective in the care of young people. It is their aim to show the children no matter what happens they will be there for them and develop a trusting and engaging relationship as a result.

STOP PRESS : Belview Lodge has obtained an Outstanding accreditation from Ofsted.

‘I’ve been at Belview Lodge for eight months and I love being here, the staff care about us.  Belview Lodge is a caring place and I would hate it if I had to move.’
Direct Care Resident

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