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Our Homes - Beacon Farmhouse

Cooking at Lower Lodge

One of our young people demonstrates their artistic skills with different colours and tones of make-up.

We are a mixed 4 bed house that specialise in ensuring the young people accommodated within the home enjoy the experience for all the right reasons - especially those who struggle to manage in a family setting. The team at Beacon Farmhouse aim to build positive relationships with all the young people focusing on all positive behaviours and achievements rather than creating their life around previous experiences - we absorb their past experiences and support them to lay the foundations for generating future aspirations.

We talk about the young people achieving within the home with a great deal of emotion and pride and the importance of developing our team to support the young people's emotional resilience and self-confidence. Through this support, the team's dedicated time and willingness to listen to the young people, their experiences and achievements have been measurable.

'The staff are outstanding - fair and approachable and I bet they would not expect me to say that of them!!!!!!' - Young Person X

We ensure there is clarity of vision, which is absolutely focused on the experience of the young person and we are uncompromising in our ambition to provide a continual commitment to improvement, always being willing to learn and ask 'what could we do better?'.

Cooking at Lower LodgeWe ensure meticulous planning to engage the individual young person and respond to their individual needs so that their experience of care is highly personalised. This, combined with a commitment to never 'give-up' on a young person and to do everything possible to maintain the placement ensures time is spent with them individually and in groups so that they are able to develop meaningful, secure relationships with the adults in the home and with each other. An absolute consistency in the management of behaviour helps young people understand and respect the boundaries that are set and they are then able to respond positively to encouragement, rewards and meaningful sanctions. Here at Beacon Farmhouse we have an unwavering commitment to support young people to succeed and to have a belief in their ability to do so. This translates into active support for their education, both in the homes and in partnership with schools and other professionals, working with them to build their emotional resilience and self-confidence, prepare them for independence and enable them to withstand difficulties and set-backs in the future.

‘It's not just a job like some people say it is where staff can't wait to get home. You do actually care about us don't you ’ - Young person Z

Another common characteristic at Beacon Farmhouse is the team's commitment to offering an essential period of stability in their otherwise turbulent lives and some of the young people placed at Beacon Farmhouse have felt that their time here was the first point in their life in which they had felt secure.

The team at Beacon Farmhouse recognise this and therefore we are strongly committed to doing whatever is needed to make the experience at Beacon Farmhouse work for every young person that comes here. This not only requires both tenacity and creativity, but also requires the management of Beacon Farmhouse to be clear about which young people we feel we can best support.

‘This is the first place I have been that I have felt wanted.’ - Young person Z

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