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Our Homes - Beacon Farmhouse

Statement of Purpose - DownloadBeacon Farmhouse is situated on a working farm in the Lincolnshire countryside. The personality of Beacon Farmhouse is dictated by its rural surroundings which provide opportunities for growing produce.
This is used to give an in depth understanding and appreciation of the food chain and teach the young people the skills to care for themselves.

Cooking at Lower LodgeAt Beacon Farmhouse there is a great emphasis on educating the four young people through experience utilising the surrounding countryside to learn about life. The location provides the opportunity for physical activity and there is a good working relationship with the farmer. He gives jobs to the young people to help create a sense of achievement and raise their self-esteem.

As with the other homes pocket money is used to reward positive behaviour and encourage young people to carry out their daily routine, helping, planning and taking part in education and activities. At Beacon Farmhouse the staff work together to ensure the young people are well cared for and have extensive opportunities to learn and develop.


There is a buzz of excitement going on at Beacon Farmhouse. All four Young People have something to look forward to and this is something they thought may never happen when they first came here. All four Young People are moving on to the next phase in their lives.

Cooking at Lower LodgeWe have one Young Person who is going to be leaving the care team and she will be leaving to enter either a semi independence placement or to live independently. Another Young Person is moving back to live nearer to Mum and eventually move back to her Mum’s care. We have another Young Person who will be making a move to foster care and will be moving nearer to her Sister. The fourth Young Person will be moving back nearer to her family.

These are such positive moves which could not have happened if it had not been for the dedicated and experienced input from the staff at Beacon Farmhouse. When these Young People first came to Beacon Farmhouse some had been in secure, been involved in child sexual exploitation, some were self -harmers  or were prolific absconder’s before they were placed.

We at Beacon Farmhouse are of course sad to lose these Young People but are very proud of their achievements and potential reached at this stage in their lives and hope that we have given them the recipe for success.

'Thank you for your hard work and support, this resident will have a lot of good memories because of all of you' -Social Worker

'I am pleased you continue to make an impressive impact on this resident's future.' - Social Worker

'Really enjoyed meeting your residents who were lovely and the staff attending the training were enthusiastic and attentive.' - Independent Trainer

'I like the home, very homely and staff and young people are very friendly.' - IRO

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