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Our Homes - Angels Meadow

Small things make a big differenceStatement of Purpose - DownloadAngels Meadow is situated on the outskirts of a small village near Holbeach in Lincolnshire with views across open fields and countryside. It can cater for up to four young people and aims to look after girls with sexualised behaviours and those who are vulnerable to absconding.

At Angels Meadow the focus is on creating a balance between nurture and discipline to achieve a safe environment in which the young people can reflect on their problems. The main aim is to help the young people achieve their full potential through nurturing and the development of positive relationships with staff.

The Manager and staff at Angels Meadow have extensive experience in the care world and believe that the young people cannot move forward unless they feel safe. Each member of the team works together, supporting each other as well as the young people, to ensure that every need is met and that the young people can regain their independence. The atmosphere at Angels Meadow is comfortable and relaxed and it is a place the young people can call home.

‘When the children don't care it is the staff's job to care that little bit more.’
Angels Meadow Manager

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