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The team focuses on forming appropriate, open relationships allowing the young people to feel secure in their environment with a view to supporting them to reduce risks by helping them to develop their own skills in risk management. We liaise closely with the local MASH team and other agencies which specifically work with young people vulnerable to exposure of sexual exploitation and associated risks, such as misuse of illegal substances and attachment issues.


M came to us in June and was classed as high risk due to the high levels of missing and strong concerns surrounding CSE. M was involved in high levels of cannabis use and non-attendance at school as well as criminal behaviours.  M also refused to engage with any professionals in order to support her reducing these behaviours. Since being at South View, M has only been missing for approximately two hours on one occasion and has dramatically reduced concerns surrounding cannabis and CSE. M is working well with all professionals including YOS (relating to offending prior to South View) and agencies surrounding safety reduction work and illegal substances. M is also in full time education.

N came to the home in July with very high risk behaviour including class A drugs, child sexual exploitation (CSE) and missing. N had a fractured relationship with family and was a non-attendee for education. N did not engage with professionals due to the high levels of going missing. Since N’s admission in the summer, there has only been one incident of missing.  N engages with professionals surrounding substances and CSE work. There have been no concerns relating to illegal substances and N has improved her family relationships massively.  N also now attends a mainstream school.


Young people from South View enjoyed a holiday with staff to Butlin’s in the summer and have also undertaken trips such as Fright Night at Thorpe Park for Hallowe’en and trips to the seaside as well as spa trips.

‘Staff push me to into making things better even though I don't feel like doing it sometimes.’

‘Staff help me with my anger.’

If you are making a referral and would like further information about South View, please let us know, using the contact details on our website.

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