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Begdale School

The curriculum at Begdale School is expanding due to the new facilities being built onsite. The facilities will open early in 2018 and will provide our pupils with new and exciting vocational experiences. We are planning a variety of vocational courses which will range from woodwork to hair and beauty. We believe the changes will increase the outcomes for our pupils and will provide them with new ways to express their talents and skills.

The school is developing links with external agencies and work placement providers. We are providing a broader curriculum and more opportunities for our pupils to access new qualifications. One of the school’s new partnerships includes East Delph Lakes. The school and the work placement provider have agreed to deliver the Open Award Level 1 Certificate in Fisheries Management (RQF) which provides outstanding outcomes for our pupils.

We believe at Begdale School that all pupils will gain some qualifications, this can be through GCSEs or ASDAN awards or completing a work placement; every education plan is individual to the pupil’s needs.

The teaching team at the school is very passionate about ensuring each child receives a good education. The school’s ethos encourages our pupils to make positive and informed choices with regards to further education, employment and training. School staff provide impartial education advice and arrange for pupils to attend local college open days to prepare them for their future.

If you are making a referral and would like further information about Begdale School, please let us know, using the contact details on our website.