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Beacon Farmhouse Business Club

Our Aims

We aim to produce ‘home cooked’ sauces and chutneys in small quantities to sell at local markets and through our network of children's homes and to the professionals that use them. By creating our own ‘Brand’ we hope to build on the quality of the product by using good and fresh ingredients and focusing on strong flavours and tastes. Also we are current-ly working on a larger chicken coup which will enable us at the Home to produce more eggs to sell locally.

Our Products

We have created our own ’Brand’ which is called the ’Extremely’ range. By focusing on 4 different products we can test the market and build on the quality feel and style of the product. The Extremely flavor's are, Apple, Horseradish, Mango and Mango and Apple. By intensifying the flavor's we aim to create the ’Extremely’ range of chutneys and sauces.

Sales and Marketing

The team has created and designed our own label and identity. By branding we hope to produce a product that can be identified with by its appearance and quality of product. We aim to sell at local markets and also through our network of homes.