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Since arriving BN's literacy has improved significantlyEducation is key at Direct Care and we place a great emphasis on developing life skills that will equip the children with the tools necessary to live a happy and independent life. We follow the National Curriculum which is integrated into a carefully considered care and education plan that best suits the needs of each young person.

Direct Care acknowledges that it is often difficult for traumatised young people to enter into mainstream education and provides extensive facilities for home tutoring as a result.

Education is key - Providing OpportunitiesOur qualified teaching staff work alongside the care staff to plan and carry out a fulltime educational timetable which is both flexible and contained in a safe environment. The overlap between care and education ensures the emotional and psychological needs of the young people are considered and aids their development.

Each young person receives twenty five hours education per week. Our qualified teachers visit the homes on a weekly basis to plan and deliver the timetable alongside the residential care staff. Once the young people reach school leaving age we assist them by helping explore further education and training opportunities. We are dedicated to giving our young people every tool and opportunity to see them through adult life.

‘Resident has just started to undertake some ASDAN work at the home with the tutor. She is really engaging well with education at the home and is producing some good work.’
Direct Care Manager

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