At Direct Care we put a strong emphasis on the value of learning and developing through experience. We offer a broad range of activities designed to engage and challenge the young people and in turn increase their confidence and self-esteem. The activities range from more cultural excursions to physical outdoor pursuits allowing us to cater for the broad range of needs of our young people.

The activities available at Direct Care are extensive and range from mountain biking to rock climbing, acting classes to dance. If a young person expresses the desire to take part in a new activity we will do our utmost to make it happen and in turn they have to prove they will take it seriously. We are lucky to have a number of qualified instructors on our staff that can teach mountain biking, judo and canoeing and will research and arrange other activities as and when appropriate.

For the past four years we have held a sports day in which each of the homes compete against each other in various activities including, football, rounders and running races. Staff and children compete side by side and the atmosphere is both positive and encouraging for all, as well as fun. We utilise every opportunity and sports day, like other activities, helps raise confidence and self-esteem among the young people while teaching them to engage and enjoy themselves.

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