All our young people achieve school dailyHelp for Heroes - Climbing Snowdonia for Help for HeroesAt Direct Care we are proud to be able to recognise the many and varied achievements of our young people that demonstrate what can be done with enough care and attention. We believe every young person deserves the chance and opportunities to develop and feel the progress and development of our young people proves that. This page is dedicated to the achievements of those in our care of whom all the staff are immensely proud.


These achievements are a huge testament to the young people at the homes...

Lower Lodge

‘Resident achieved 3 GCSEs at C grade and is now attending Moulton College on a fulltime basis where she is undertaking a general education course teaching her life skills and animal care.’

‘Resident has just secured a place at mainstream school. He only started today, however has had to wear a uniform for the first time in two years and this is a great credit to him.’

‘Resident has just started to undertake some ASDAN work at the home with the tutor. She is really engaging well with education at the home and is producing some good work.’

Beacon Farmhouse

‘Resident completed her independence plan and has obtained a self independent living accommodation earlier than expected. This is due to staff team supporting and encouraging the Resident on a daily basis.’

‘Resident arrived at Beacon Farmhouse very unsettled and not engaging in any form of education. Since arriving the Resident has returned to school and is currently taking her exams. Resident has secured a placement at college to study beauty.’

‘Resident worked hard with the staff team on an allotment project, chicken project and introducing our 2 cats to the home. Resident spends lots of time with the animals at Beacon Farmhouse.’

‘Resident has rebuilt her family network since arriving at Beacon Farmhouse. Resident now visits her family on a regular basis and this contact is positive. Resident will be returning to her local authority area as a planned move in the near future and now has a family to go back to.’

The Spinney

‘Resident came to us with anger issues and has been violent towards his family. He still has odd moments but he has now learnt some important skills, in being able to control his temper, his aggression and the damage he causes.’

‘Resident was a member of a gang in South London, committing violent crimes. Since recently coming to The Spinney, he has been very polite, engaging well in education and household chores.’

‘Resident has settled into The Spinney well and although has had previous problems with school has achieved a current 100% attendance with very good feedback.’

Angels Meadow

‘Resident shows a keen interest in theatre and loves going to shows, the Resident also attends the KYS summer school for drama. Resident is interested in politics and has been given the opportunity to complete work experience September 2012 in London with the Education Minister.’

‘Resident enjoys reading books and buys new books on a weekly basis, this Resident also enjoys watching movies. Resident has gained employment by using initiative and creating fliers posting them in the local area. The Resident has gained several jobs and enjoys gardening.’

‘Resident is a fitness fanatic and attends the gym 3 times a week, this Resident enjoys going to the gym. Resident enjoys music by listening to it and also singing. Resident recently visited The X Factor and has considered the opportunity of applying. Resident loves socialising with friends.’

‘Resident is new to our home but has expressed an interest in health and beauty. Resident enjoyed going swimming, using the Jacuzzi and steam rooms. Resident is now looking at booking a spa day.’